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Welcome to the captivating world of What a Mass!—a cutting-edge comic & animation label that pushes the boundaries of imagination and explores the captivating realms of female muscle growth and futanari. Prepare to be enthralled by my exhilarating comics and animations that bring to life stories filled with bulging biceps, sweaty workouts & dominating female muscle amazons!

Immerse yourself in entertaining & arousing narratives, where strong heroines dominate and embrace their muscle-bound physiques. With each turn of the page - with every second of animation, you'll witness their journeys of empowerment, showcasing the sheer force of their pumped, muscular bodies. Whether you're a fan of intense weight lifting, pump-inducing workouts, or thrilling gym scenarios, What a Mass! comics and animations have it all.

And if you're a fan of futa—we also delve into the realm of futanari, seamlessly blending elements of feminine allure with a fascinating twist. Our enchanting characters possess both beauty and bulges, showcasing their immense power and mesmerizing physiques. Let yourself be immersed in a world where female power knows no bounds, where muscle growth intertwines with sensuality and dominance.

At What a Mass! we celebrate the extraordinary power of the female form, delving into the realms of female bodybuilding, where biceps transform into bulging mountains of strength and FBBs (Female Bodybuilders) rise to awe-inspiring hyper proportions. As the artist it's my goal to skillfully craft every detail, from the glossy skin of the inflating muscular bodies to the pulsating veins, creating a visual feast that leaves you breathless.

Join our art community as we explore the exhilarating world of female muscle growth, where ordinary women transform into towering giants and become lust-driven mass monsters. These titanic figures possess strength beyond imagination, captivating audiences with their toned triceps, sculpted pecs, and huge, awe-inspiring chests. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer dominance and intimidating allure of these colossal beauties.

So, step into a world where muscles reign supreme, and fantasies come to life. Explore our collection of comics and animations, indulge in the artistic craftsmanship, and let your imagination soar. Welcome to What a Mass!, where we celebrate the beauty, power, and allure of  female bodybuilding fantasy like no other. Get ready for a journey into a realm of extreme muscularity, hyper-empowered characters, and stories that will leave you begging for more!


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Luna & the growth enchantment

The gothic girl you matched on Tinder has something quite unexpecting planned for your first date - a muscle growth ritual!




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Kym's Futa Workout

The biggest, most muscular futa fitness trainer leads you through a very special kind of futanari tutorial - how to train and grow your futa cock!



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Amber's Growvember

Follow Amber over the course of 30 days, growing bigger each passing day. Listen to her muscle growth diary as she inspects every vein & every muscle!



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Growth Competition

Who's got the biggest muscles? Watch Steph & Taz compete in the ultimate challenge as they work out, sweat and grow bigger & bigger & bigger!

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Muscle Futa Group Chat

How did you end up in this group chat with three hyper muscular futanari? And now your inbox is full of naughty post workout pictures...

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Lasari's Growth Spell

This 4-armed elf uses a muscle enhancing spell on herself that may have gotten a little out of hand!